Toronto Silver Snail Moving Day

Silver Snail is an iconic Toronto Canada Geek landmark with a rich history and a must see comic shop for anyone visiting the Toronto area. Stepping past its incredible front window displays will bring you into one of the oldest Comic Shops in the culturally ecclectic Queen West district of downtown Toronto. But these dusty […]

The Mattmobile Project

One of the many new and exciting people I met at San Diego Comic Con was Matt MunsonĀ  – a man who is building his own Batmobile. This guy has set out to make a fully street legal replica of the Batmobile, as featured in the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman flick. For his base, he […]

Twitter joke man finally cleared

After a legal battle lasting more than two years, the British man convicted for a joking comment on Twitter has had his conviction quashed. We’ve previously covered various events in the case of Paul Chambers, so here’s a quick recap: In January 2010 he heard that ongoing bad weather might delay his flight and tweeted: […]

What Makes People Happy

The “Happiness index” recently released indicates what features in British people’s lives are apparently increasing their life satisfaction. According to the survey of 165,000 people, teenagers and senior citizens are the most happy – apparently after your 20s, your life satisfaction decreases till you get to about 50 and the things start looking up. Am […]