For the Space Exploration Haters

Lots of people are critical of the money spent on space exploration, especially the Curiosity’s mission to Mars. Just to put it in perspective: Of course, one could argue that the Olympics is worth spending money on because its philosophy is about uniting the world through sport instead of war, to foster peace and international […]

Is That Dress Bigger On The Inside?

Ever since Black Milk Clothing took over the geek chic scene with their intergalactic tights and 8-bit swim suits (not to mention the incredibly cool R2D2 and C3PO designs) girls have rallied behind the fashion line. Yesterday, BMC released a long-anticipated fan favorite – Dr. Who Tardis mini dress and leggings. Girls stalked the internet […]

France’s three strikes download policy under threat

France is reportedly considering defunding the agency that enforced its controversial “three strikes” policy on illegal downloaders. But it appears the country’s new administration will not overturn the law itself. The country passed the law in May 2009. It created a new government agency, Hadopi, which would keep track of alleged copyright infringements. Those accused […]