Humanity is Doomed, DOOMED I Tell You: Fourth-Grade Science Quiz from a Creationist School [Pic]

Here is a picture of a fourth-grade “science quiz” that comes from a school that teaches young earth creationism principles, and believe it or not, it’s apparently NOT a hoax. Someone wrote to reporting that this quiz belonged to his 10-year-old daughter. I didn’t know that this was being taught to her until we […]

KICKSTARTER: Code Monkey Save World!

Do you like comics? Do you like singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton? Then this “Code Monkey Save World” Kickstarter is for you! ‘Comics writer Greg Pak (“Planet Hulk,” “Batman/Superman,” “Magneto Testament”), internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, and artist Takeshi Miyazawa (“Runaways”) have joined forces to create a graphic novel that stars the much-loved monsters and super-villains from classic Coulton […]