Geordie La Forge Visor Ring

The ideal present for the ST:TNG fan in your life, Etsy user Joel Wagner is selling a ring that may look familiar to viewers. This sterling silver ring with 24K gold plated accents is inspired by the VISOR worn by Geordi. This ring is made using 3D printing technology and is made to order. Default […]

Realistic Alternative to Barbie in the Works

The man who made a Barbie with “typical” human dimensions is trying to release his own range of dolls to give children more realistic influences. Last October we covered Nickolay Lamm’s work creating a Barbie that using the dimensions of an average 19-year-oldĀ American woman, who is shorter, thicker-waisted, shorter-necked and much less likely to topple […]

Star Trek: TNG Was My Sanctuary

Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer Emma Newman has written a great personal piece about how science fiction was her escape route as a child. She explains that: I had no confidence, self-esteem lower than the depths of the Mariana Trench and I was the only person in the school who thought that time travel and space exploration were […]