PARENTING WIN: Little Girl Dresses as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween [Pics]

When dad Brian F. of Columbia, Missouri asked his five-year-old daughter, Cami, what she wanted to be for Halloween, she replied, “Ms. Frizzle!” He openly admits to singing both Disney songs and tunes from ’80s hair bands with Cami, and he couldn’t be prouder of his daughter’s costume choice. “She picked it, all by herself!” […]

She-Ra and Skeletor Come to Life in these Fantastic Cosplay Pictures

Check out these awesome pictures featuring Mr. & Mrs. Jaze and their incredible She-Ra and Skeletor costumes. Gotta love the dedication these two put into crafting their outfits, it’s almost like seeing the characters come to life! We are a professional cosplay couple who understand the value in honorably and respectfully portraying the characters that […]

BOOM! POW! SMASH! Adam WarRock Debuts New Geektastic Music Video, Upcoming Album

BOOM! POW! SMASH! It’s no Bat Dance, but Adam WarRock’s newest music video is full of Bat-family goodness! Backing up the Bat (err Night…wing, really it sounded better in my head) are the ladies behind Fashion Tips from Comic Strips: Betty Felon and her partner in crime Ali as Robin and Batgirl! WarRock’s new album, […]