Live Long: A Cosplay Music Video‏ Paying Homage to Leonard Nimoy

A new cosplay music video from my friends over at Sneaky Zebra. This one isn’t about a particular convention, just something that was made to pay homage to the late Leonard Nimoy. From Leonard Nimoy. (For those interested, the full speech is below) You are the creators and the curators of your own lives. You […]

Handpainted Silk Wings Perfect for Dancing, Costuming [PICS]

Based in Europe, Praconia DOR Silk specializes in handcrafted silk butterfly wings. According to various products descriptions, they have been made with belly dancers in mind — but I bet they’d look stunning in a ballet or even for cosplaying, too. Each pair of wings is made to order and runs about $145. [via Etsy]

All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theories You Absolutely Need To Know

The one thing that can be said about Game of Thrones is that the world is rich and ripe with characterizations and story lines. This makes Game of Thrones a very easy story to work fan theories around, simply because so much is going on. And sometimes, the speculation ends up being right and minds are […]

A Fully Knitted Captain America Costume [Pics]

Cosplayer FangirlPhysics didn’t want just any regular Captain America costume to wear at her next convention, so instead of creating a traditional outfit, she decided to knit one instead, and I have to say, It looks fantastic! Pictures by David Alvarez Photography (above) and Corpus Photography (below.) [Fangirlphisics on Facebook | Fangirlphysics on Deviantart]

THIS SATURDAY: L.A. Opera To Hold Huge Costume Sale!

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Calling all costumers, geeks, cosplayers, theater companies, and everyone in between! The Los Angeles Opera is holding a very rare costume sale this Saturday, March 28, in a downtown L.A. parking lot. Over 1,000 costumes, many worn by opera’s greatest, will be available for purchase. Items include gowns, bustles, wigs, handmade […]

MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED – Crafting Link’s Legendary Hylian Shield in Real Life [Video]

Wow. Just wow. This is hands down the most beautiful Hylian shield replica I have ever seen. Kudos to the Stagmer brothers of the Baltimore Knife and Sword Armoury for the amazing work! Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve […]