Montreal Comic Con 2015 in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]


As I mentioned on Sunday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2015 last Saturday and took *A LOT* of photos of cosplayers attending the event. Since I had so many pictures, I divided the article in two parts, so here is the second batch of photos for you guys! As always, if you recognize yourself in […]

Montreal Comiccon 2015 in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]


Usually, Montreal Comiccon happens on the second week of September, but this year, they moved the convention to the first week of July! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location to cover the event for you guys where I took hundreds of pictures of all the awesome cosplayers on the con floor! […]

This Heath Ledger Joker Cosplay Is Absolutely Fantastic! [Pics]


This Heath Ledger Joker cosplay is one of the best Joker cosplay I’ve seen. The resemblance between this guy and the main villain from “The Dark Knight” is so close, it’s kind of unsettling.=! Photography by York in a Box. Model and Costume: Jesse Oliva

This Guy is the Ultimate Batman Cosplayer [Pics]


Props maker and epic cosplayer Julian Checkley made this amazing Arkham Origins Batman suit, and I have to say, not only is that costume the best Batman outfit I’ve ever seen, but the photography by Kamil Krawczak is just perfect! The whole outfit was 3D printed by by Kevin LeProp, and then painted and assembled […]

Cover Girl, ‘Star Wars’ Join Forces for New Cosmetic Line [GALLERY]

Star Wars Cover Girl 1

Cover Girl is entering the movie tie-in arena again, this time with a line of makeup fashioned specifically for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to Fashionably Geek, the new lip glosses/lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascaras are “split into [The] Dark Side (Apprentice, Stormtrooper, and Chrome) and The Light Within (Nomad, Droid, Sage). There are […]

MOMOCON 2015: A Cosplay Celebration [Cosplay Music Video + Picture Gallery]


Held every year in Atlanta, Georgia, MomoCon is a multi-genre fandom convention celebrating japanese anime, american animation, comics, video games, tabletop games, and naturally, cosplay. Our pals from Beat Down Boogie were on location to catch some awesome footage of the event. Check it out! We’ve also included a few photos of the event below! […]

This Ciri Cosplay (From Witcher III) Will Blow Your Mind! [Picture Gallery]


If you’ve played Witcher III or simply have a general interest toward the game, you absolutely have to check out this amazing Ciri cosplayer who went above and beyond to become the real life version of the character. Kudos to Love-Squad for the perfect costume (and attitude!) and to Alexander Turchanin for the great photos!

Animazement 2015 Cosplay Video


From Beat Down Boogie: Beat Down Boogie has launched their latest cosplay video, Animazement 2015. Animazement is an anime convention that takes place in Raleigh, NC. To capture a unique visual, we used a lens that generally isn’t used for filming cosplay events. The resulting shots really isolate and spotlight each cosplayer, even in the […]

Amazing “Dragon Age: Inquisition” Group Cosplay [Pics]


Sarah Cain, whom we featured a few times on GAS for her amazing costumes, recently completed her Inquisitor cosplay and took part of a “Dragon Age: Inquisition” photoshoot with a few of her friends. A lot of people say great costumes are expensive to craft, but Sarah knows how to do it for cheap: the […]

Fury Road’s Immortan Joe Was Almost Martian Manhunter in ‘Justice League’ Movie


Anyone who sees Fury Road walks away with a respect for Immortan Joe. Yeah, he was a bad guy, but he was a friggin’ awesome bad guy. Well, did you know the actor who was played him, Hugh Keays-Byrne, screen tested (makeup and all) to play Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie that never got […]

Phoenix Comicon 2015 [Picture Gallery]


The 15th annual Phoenix Comicon took place at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona from May 28-31. Some of the most popular guests this year were Karl Urban, Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Alyson Hannigan, Christopher Lloyd, and Katee Sackhoff. But as always, it was cosplayers who took center stage. After the photos (Photographs: William Quiroz […]

With These Velvet Cloaks, Spell Casting & Vampire Slaying Never Looked So Good!

oxblood cloak

These plush velvet capes include a hood, matching drawstring…and even a secret pocket, for all your potion bottle, stake-carrying needs! Made by Poprageous out of L.A., the cloaks come in Midnight, Black, and Oxblood, and will only set you back $119.     [via Fashionably Geek]