Wearing Kylo Ren’s Costume Will Make you Feel Like You’re on Jakku: Very Sweaty [Video]

Here’s 501st member SL-13377 showing us how to “assemble” the perfect Kylo Ren costume. This is the most accurate Kylo Ren costume I’ve seen, but darn, I don’t think I’d wear something like this outside during summer months; it would probably end up killing you by dehydration. [Dawn Bright]

Transforming Star Wars Droid Dress [Video]

  This fantastic dress was made by Lemon Drop Cosplay! Her love of R2-D2 and BB-8 is strong! I’m not sure how the dress “works”, but the lady wearing it has to spin on one side or the other depending on the design she wants displayed. [Lemon Drop Cosplay]

Destiny Fan Wins Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Custom-Made Titan Armor [Video]

Wow. Just wow. This one-of-a-kind Titan armor was specially made for one very lucky fan of Destiny: The Taken King by the folks from Super-Gamer Builds. Building this thing took an entire team 5 weeks of work! [AWE me]

Arya The Corgi Becomes an X-Wing Pilot [Pics]

In honor of the new Star Wars Movie, Arya The Corgi becomes Arya Skywalker, the renowned X-Wing pilot! [Source: Arya The Corgi on Facebook | Arya The Corgi on Instagram

DIY Prop Shop: How to Build Your Own X-Wing Pilot Helmet For Less Than $30 [Video]

A fun tutorial by Dustin McLean from the “DIY Prop Shop” show that will teach you how to build your very own X-Wing pilot helmet for less than $30! [AWE Me]

Wonder Fett: When Wonder Woman Becomes a Mandalorian Merc

If you’ve ever wondered what Wonder Woman would look like as a Mandalorian bounty hunter, well, worry no more and check out Alkali Layke‘a amazing costume that combines both characters quite beautifully. Photos by Spacetime Photography. -Costume and Model: Alkali Layke -Photos: Spacetime Photography by Peter Bumbarger

Beautiul Aayla Secura (The Clone Wars) Cosplay by Kimette [Pics]

I’ve been wanting to post this fantastic Aayla Secura cosplay by my friend Kimette for a long time now, but since I’ve been having the attention span of a Jack Russell lately, it kept slipping off my mind. Kimette and her husband Jef are among the nicest and most authentic people you can run into […]

Dr. Who: 50 Noteworthy Villains

One thing that Dr. Who has never skimped on is their array of bad guys. We all have our favorites, but DenOfGeek threw together a nice little list highlighting some of the more memorable villains from the amazing science fiction series. Villains such as: Sharaz Jek ticks off all the traits associated with a Holmes […]

The Cosplay of Montreal Mini Comiccon 2015 [Picture Gallery]

Earlier today, I was at Montreal Mini Comiccon 2015, a smaller and free edition of the full event that is usually held during the summer each year. I wasn’t expecting much before arriving on site, but boy was I surprised by the impressive number of people on the con floor, and we’re not even talking […]

The Epic Cosplay of Blizzcon 2015: A Cosplay Music Video by Beat Down Boogie

Our friends from Beat Down Boogie recently attended Blizzcon 2015 and filmed some amazing and very creative cosplayers for their latest cosplay music video. Check it out! [beatdownboogie]

Adorable Fallout 4 “Dogmeat” Cosplay [Pics]

Cosplayer Alexis Smith made this awesome “Dogmeat” outfit from Fallout 4 for her dog, Sarge, and I have to say, Sarge looks just perfect! The costme took 6 hours to craft and was crafted with molded EVA foam and various fabrics. [Source: Alexis Smith on Imgur | Via FG]

Cosplayer Builds Motorized Version of Kayle’s Aether Wing from League of Legends [Video]

Believe it or not, this Elmins Cosplay’s first cosplay ever! The man spent over 1000 hours building these motorized wings, which can fully extend or retract via smartphone control. Wow. Just wow. For those interested, you can read more about how Elmins built the costume right here. [elminz]