Emma Frost Cosplay Gallery [Pics]

Since X-Men: First Class was first announced and pictures of January Jones playing the role of Emma Frost have started appearing all over the net, it seems that a lot of cosplayers have decided to start dressing as the supervillainess. So here is a picture compilation paying hommage to the character which is probably one […]

Hilarious Deadpool Cosplay [Picture]

Check out those pretty awesome (and hilarious!) Deadpool cosplay pictures shot at Comic Con Atlanta by Flickr user IcyBrian: [Source: IcyBrian – Flickr]

Amazing StarCraft Ghost Cosplay

Check out this amazing StarCraft Ghost costume worn back in October 2010 at Blizzcon by a fan of the game. Not only is the outfit just perfect, but the lady wearing looks just as hot as the costume. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures

Ms. Marvel Cosplay [Pics]

Ms. Marvel Cosplay by Miracole Burns. Photos by LJinto. [Source: 1, 2 | Via]

Sexy Powergirl Cosplay Gallery: The Creative Commons Edition

If you’re searching for creative common photography featuring DC Comics Power Girl online, you’ll end up with hundreds of results. (Boy, I wonder why…) So I thought, why not skim through them and make a gallery of the best ones? Here is the result of this tedious, time consuming, laborious, and wholly unenjoyable task, for […]

Wednesday Geeky Pics: Anna Fischer’s Cosplay Photography

Every once in a while during our Flickr travels, we find a single collection that is worth featuring. This time it comes from NY-based photographer Anna Fischer, whose gallery shows that cosplay is about more than just costuming, and a good photographer can really bring it to life. These are just a few images and […]