Cosplay Done Right: Morrigan – Dragon Age [Pics]

Finally, a Morrigan cosplayer who’s actually doing things right! Pictures by photographer Kira Winter. [Source: Kira Winter]

Gotham City’s Sexy Sirens [Picture Gallery]

A totally amazing series of photographs by professional photographer Ljinto featuring Catwoman (Yaya Han) and Poison Ivy (Mostflogged). Check out the rest of the pics in the picture gallery below. [Source: LJinto]

Alice: Madness Returns [Cosplay Pics]

These awesomely authentic looking Alice: Madness Returns pictures come from the same lady we featured a while ago who cosplayed as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. If you haven’t seen this one, it’s totally worth checking out as well. [Source: Ormeli | Via FG]

Slave Leia Meets a Wampa [Gallery]

Now how could slave Leia actually meet a Wampa? We all know that this is impossible! But thanks to my friend and photographer extraordinaire Robin Gatti Cook, and Geeks are Sexy reader Karinna, both can now be admired together without the wampa trying to rip Leia’s head from her body. Check it out: So everyone […]

Awesomely Sexy Anna Mercury Cosplay [Pics]

Anna Mercury as cosplayed by BelleChere. [BelleChere | Via FG]

Comikaze Con Photos from LJInto

LJInto has been been capturing cosplayer’s photos for many years now and is a well loved member of the cosplay community. He traveled out to California the other week to attend Comikaze Expo and was kind enough to share his photos with Geeks Are Sexy! You can see more of LJInto’s work on his Flickr! […]

Overdramatic Zelda Violin Video is Still Awesome

This video by Lindsey Stirling is rated DV for scenes of overly dramatic violining and foresty frolicing. Regardless, the music itself is very well composed and executed.

Fallout: New Vegas Merc Charmer Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

Photographer: Yien-the-Fox. Model: K-A-N-A. There it is