Rogue (X-Men) Cosplay @ Comikaze Expo [Picture Gallery]

Shot at Comikaze Expo. OH MY GOTHS. Dressing up as Rogue was the most fun I have ever had in cosplay. I hate to sound conceited but I felt like a celebrity with how many people wanted a photo of or with me. At one point a group of people had lined up and I […]


Halloween 2011: Reader Costume Picture Gallery

Yesterday, we asked you guys to send in pictures of your Halloween costumes, and you guys delivered… and more! Over 250 of you have sent in pictures! Unfortunately, we can’t post all of these here, but here’s a selection of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Thanks everyone!

Blizzcon 2011 in Pictures [Gallery]

We can probably all agree that cosplayers attending events like SDCC, NYCC or Even MTLCC look really great, but until you’ve seen the costumes from people at Blizzcon, you’ve seen nothing. Many thanks to professional photographer Onigun for giving us permission to post some of his pictures here on [GaS]. I genuinely tried to find […]

Anna Fischer’s Geektastically Sexy NYCC 2011 Photos

As of now, I’m sure you’ve all seen our awesome pics from New York Comic Con 2011 (And if you haven’t, be sure to check them out right here), but there are plenty of other pics of the event online, namely those of [GAS] friend and professional photographer Anna Fischer. I invite you to check […]

Feature: New York Comic Con 2011 in Pictures [Gallery]

After the huge success of my post featuring pictures I took at Montreal Comic Con 2011, I just knew that Geeks are Sexy had to be present at New York Comic Con to capture the essence of the event. So with that in mind, I sent my friend Michael Tapp to cover it for us, […]

Darth Artoo [Pic]

We’ve featured plenty of ladies wearing that awesome Artoo swimsuit on [GAS] in the past, but this one wins the palm as the most awesome of them all . Enjoy! Model: Pretty Poison Photographer: Adam Montgomery

Feature: Montreal Comic-Con 2011 in Pictures [Gallery]

As previously mentioned, I was at Comic Con Montreal 2011 last weekend to shoot pictures of costumed people, and while the event wasn’t exactly perfect (I had to wait in line for almost 2 hours to get in, even though I had purchased my ticket online a few days before,) It was still pretty darn […]

Anna Fischer’s Amazing Dragon*Con Photography

We’ve already posted some of Anna Fischer’s amazing pictures from Dracon*Con 2011 last week, but since then, she has uploaded a few other awesome ones to her profile, so we invite you to check these out below. Enjoy! [Source: Anna Fischer]