Japan Expo Sud 2012 Cosplay Compilation [Videos]

French photographer Omaru is back with a two new videos showcasing some of the best cosplay he’s seen at Japan Expo Sud 2012 in Marseille, France. There’s some pretty awesome stuff in there, check these out! Previously on [GAS] from the same videographer: Cosplay Highlights 2011 [Video] [Omaru]

BGZ Studios Sets Phoenix Ablaze [Pic + Video]

BGZ Studios is back with another amazing comic book character brought to life.  This time he tackled Marvel Comics’ Dark Phoenix, and set costumer Miracole Burns on fire. Darrell and his team talk about the photo shoot in the video below and you can read more about the process, plus see a few more photos […]

My Day As a Cosplay Model, Part 1

> We all love looking at great photos of cosplayers, but what we see is just the end result of a long and rigorous process. Resident cosplayer Meredith / Ana Aesthetic takes us behind the scenes of a typical day in front of the camera, and offers up some tips to those looking to delve […]

So You Wanted Hot Men in Cosplay…

There’s been a bit of a lack of (hot) men in (good) cosplay – that’s pretty much obvious. So I went on a little bit of a hunt to see if I could track down some really good stuff. I mean, it’s gotta be out there right? Well sometimes when you’re looking for hot men […]

Mass Effect 3 Launches, Fans Take Up the Battle

By Meredith Placko The wait is over. The time to take back Earth is now. And that is probably what a good majority of your gaming friends are doing right now. If you are living under a rock like the guys at my Target were, Mass Effect 3 launched yesterday, and many stores across the […]

Utterly Useless Dovahkiin Female Armor [Pics]

Another day, another lady cosplaying as a female dragonborn. As far as I’m concerned, she certainly doesn’t beat this one when it comes to credibility, of course. [Source: Artyfakes Action Props | Via]

Punisher Cosplay is Hell on Heels! [Pic]

I have never really been a fan of The Punisher. The very idea that this hero (technically anti-hero) would serve justice by being exactly the kind of person he wants to “punish” makes little sense to me. The character lacks any real depth, and despite three versions of this character on the Silver Screen, I […]

The Best of Katsucon 2012 [Video]

Since we know how you guys love good cosplay, here are a series of video compiling some of the best costumes from Katsucon 2012. Kudos to youtuber Acksonl for the great work he did on those. If this still isn’t enough for you, we also have a great picture gallery of the event right here. […]