Anna Fischer’s Amazing Dragon*Con Photography

We’ve already posted some of Anna Fischer’s amazing pictures from Dracon*Con 2011 last week, but since then, she has uploaded a few other awesome ones to her profile, so we invite you to check these out below. Enjoy! [Source: Anna Fischer] Advertisements


Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay: Final Day [Gallery]

Yep, yesterday was the last day at Dragon*Con 2011. Who among you guys had the chance to attend? How was the event compared to last year? Let us know in the comments section below! We’ve already posted galleries for day 1, day 2, and day 3, so all that’s missing now are picture from day […]

Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay: Day 3 [Gallery]

We’ve already posted galleries for day 1 and day 2, so now here are some more from day 3, which we conveniently compiled in the CC-Friendly gallery below. Please note that the pictures may not all be from day 3, but they’ve been uploaded to flickr on that day. Enjoy! Edit: The gallery for day […]

Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay: Day 2 [Gallery]

You’ve already seen the pictures from day one (and if you haven’t, they’re here! (Click!)) (and the ones from day 3 are now available here too (Click!)), so here are some of the best CC-licensed pictures from day 2 we’ve grabbed on Flickr. Enjoy! Edit: The gallery for day 4 is now available right here. […]

Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay: Day 1 [Gallery]

Yep, another year, another edition of Dragon*Con. As I usually do for big events like this one, I scoured flickr for some of the best CC-Licensed cosplay photography shot during the day and conveniently assembled them in the photo gallery you see below. If you’re currently attending Dragon*Con and wish to share your pictures with […]

Geektastic Bioshock Infinite Cosplay [Gallery]

Remember Elizabeth, the protagonist of the upcoming BioShock Infinite that assists Booker DeWitt on his quest? Well check out what probably is the most amazing representation of the character you’ll ever see in real life. Be sure to check out the last picture of the gallery for a picture of the in-game character too! [Source]

Dreaming of the Dark Side [Picture Gallery]

Marc & Louis Photography has a question: What happens to a twi’lek lady who gets a little too flirty with Darth Vader? Oh, we think you know. Search your feelings. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. [Marc&Louis via fashionablygeek] Photographer Marie-Louise Cadosch Makeup Artist: Lilith Amrad Model: Maura Waller @ OPTION Model Agency […]

Anna Fischer’s Amazing Cosplay Photography – Part II [Gallery]

We’ve featured some of NY-Based photographer Anna Fischer’s work on [GaS] in the past (Click!), but since the last time we’ve posted some of her photos on the site, she has uploaded a lot of new material on her flickr portfolio. We invite you to check some of our favorite in the picture gallery below. […]