[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia Cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X [Pics]

[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia recently sent me a few pictures of her cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X, and I must say, the costume looks very authentic! I’ve also included a few other pictures I stumbled on while stalking looking through her Facebook page. [Ani-Mia] Advertisements


Female Dovahkiin Cosplay [Pic]

FUS RO DAH! [Via Unreality]

50 Photos of Costumers from 1980 [Pics]

Share As long as nerds have had a convention to call home, costuming has been a part of our niche culture. Check out this treasure trove of photos from Westercon in 1980. I also have to mention, for all the griping I see online about how women have been a minority in the con scene […]

Totally Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

Another round of astounding photos from BGZ Studios, this time featuring some very talented Mass Effect costumers! [Photographer – BGZ Studios; Miranda – Lindze a la Mode; Commander Shepard – Steven Massey; Tali – Jennifer Barclay]

Cosplay Highlights 2011 [Video]

A really cool video from French photographer Omaru showing some of the best cosplay he caught on film during the last year. So this is a special year ending video I did. It composes of all the great cosplay I’ve seen / taken photos / taken videos of this year (2011). This reflects MY OWN […]

Seven Of Nine [Pic]

Perhaps there’s something to be said for assimilation after all… [Source: Weatherstone]

Batgirl and Robin Cosplay [Pics]

Batman and Robin as cosplayed by Deviantart user Champagne-meat. [Via Super Punch]

Cosplay Done Right: Morrigan – Dragon Age [Pics]

Finally, a Morrigan cosplayer who’s actually doing things right! Pictures by photographer Kira Winter. [Source: Kira Winter]