Mass Effect 3 Launches, Fans Take Up the Battle

By Meredith Placko The wait is over. The time to take back Earth is now. And that is probably what a good majority of your gaming friends are doing right now. If you are living under a rock like the guys at my Target were, Mass Effect 3 launched yesterday, and many stores across the […]


Utterly Useless Dovahkiin Female Armor [Pics]

Another day, another lady cosplaying as a female dragonborn. As far as I’m concerned, she certainly doesn’t beat this one when it comes to credibility, of course. [Source: Artyfakes Action Props | Via]

Punisher Cosplay is Hell on Heels! [Pic]

I have never really been a fan of The Punisher. The very idea that this hero (technically anti-hero) would serve justice by being exactly the kind of person he wants to “punish” makes little sense to me. The character lacks any real depth, and despite three versions of this character on the Silver Screen, I […]

The Best of Katsucon 2012 [Video]

Since we know how you guys love good cosplay, here are a series of video compiling some of the best costumes from Katsucon 2012. Kudos to youtuber Acksonl for the great work he did on those. If this still isn’t enough for you, we also have a great picture gallery of the event right here. […]

Anna Fischer’s Sexy Katsucon Picture Gallery

Anna Fischer, one of our favorite photographers here at [GAS], has recently attended Katsucon 2012 and has captured some fabulous pictures of various cosplayer at the event, and as usual, they do not disappoint! Check ’em out in the picture gallery below! [Source: Anna Fischer (CC)]

MegaCon 2012 Cosplay Gallery

Photographer David Ngo attented Megacon 2012 in Orlando, FL last weekend and took plenty of photographs of cosplayers during the three-day event. Here is a selection of our favorites. Many thanks to David for allowing us to post those! Enjoy! [David Ngo]

Supergirl Catching Some Rays [Pics]

[Source: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography | Cosplayer: McKayla]