Gender Bent Super Heroes [Pics]

One of my favorite comic related art blogs is Project Rooftop. They issue challenges based on redesigning classic characters. This week they featured some fun art by artist Maya Nord showcasing a few of DC’s finest as their gender bent counterparts. As a bonus, some cosplay friends of mine did their own take on Gender […]


Amazing Cosplay: [GAS] Contributor Ana Aesthetic as Emma Frost [Pic]

Dear ladies and gentlegeeks, I have the honor of presenting you [GAS] contributor Ana Aesthetic cosplaying in all her Emma Frost glory. Since Ana is too humble to post it herself, I thought she wouldn’t really mind if I took it upon myself to publish the picture to the site. Kudos to Darrell from BGZ […]

Amazing Mirror’s Edge Cosplay [Pics]

Faith from Mirror’s Edge as cosplayed by Deviant art user Akusesu. [Via]

Cosplay Vignette Takes A Look At What the Hobby Means to One Fan

As the resident cosplayer at Geeks Are Sexy, I have to give two thumbs up to this video. This charming girl really struck a chord with me. I’ve seen a few of you make comments about how many of the cosplayers you see (especially featured here) are paid model types, and I’ve even gotten into […]

Geektastic Arizona Comic Con 2012 Pictures by Grant Brummett

Arizona, USA-based photographer and writer Grant Brummett recently went to Arizona Comic Con 2012 where he snapped a lot of interesting shots of various cosplayers attending the event. Check these out in the picture gallery below! [Grant Brummett]

[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia Cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X [Pics]

[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia recently sent me a few pictures of her cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X, and I must say, the costume looks very authentic! I’ve also included a few other pictures I stumbled on while stalking looking through her Facebook page. [Ani-Mia]

Female Dovahkiin Cosplay [Pic]

FUS RO DAH! [Via Unreality]

50 Photos of Costumers from 1980 [Pics]

Share As long as nerds have had a convention to call home, costuming has been a part of our niche culture. Check out this treasure trove of photos from Westercon in 1980. I also have to mention, for all the griping I see online about how women have been a minority in the con scene […]