Mad Moxxi Cosplay [Pictures]

Mad Moxxi from Borderlands Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC as cosplayed by Deviantart user Katy-Angel. [Source: Katy-Angel | Via FG]

Sexy Lady Thor [Pictures]

Oh, no… this is Earth… isn’t it? Cosplayer: Toni Darling [Via OW]

AMAZING Wonder Woman Cosplay Pictures [Picture Gallery]

Is there anything I could say that could truly do justice to these amazing pictures and stunningly gorgeous model? I think not. Model: Sarah Scott Picture by Adam Jay & SuperHero Photography (Copyrighted). Posted with permission from Adam. [Adam Jay & SuperHero Photography]

Artemis Crock @ Megacon 2012 [Pic]

Cosplayer: Amaya Kumikai Picture: David Ng [Via]

FCBD Costume Contest – VOTE!

If you missed Free Comic Book Day (like I did…sadface), don’t fear – your chance to participate in some small capacity so it feels like you didn’t completely miss it is still available to you! All Star Comics in Melbourne, Australia had quite an epic turnout for the day where they doled out free comics […]

I’m Making a Note Here: Huge Success [Pic]

GLaDOS (Portal 2) as cosplayed by Tenori-Tiger. Photo by Tooniegirl. [Via]

King of America?

Someone posted this on a friend’s wall on Facebook and I had to post it. This New Yorker seems to want to give Captain America a run for his money I think as “King of America”. Apparently he shows up at rallies all dressed up and awesome like this. I think I’d get more passionate […]