Amazing Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum) Cosplay

Browse the rest of our amazing cosplay picture galleries right here! If someone knows the original source of this great picture, be sure to let us know in the comments section below Thanks guys! [Source: S-Lancaster | Via] Advertisements


Epic Catwoman Cosplay by Aigue-Marine

From German cosplayer Aigue-Marine, which we featured a few months ago for her totally awesome Batgirl costume: Making the costume took me about one week in total. I made every piece of it myself: The suit, the cap, the gloves, the belt – even the goggles. (The goggles are made from KobraCast 4 Art, crafting […]

Adam Jensen (Deus Ex) Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

This is Videros, a cosplayer from Germany. You needed that intro because, for all intents, he may as well actually be Deus Ex star Adam Jensen, complete with future pants, fancy jacket and snappy sunglasses. Freaking amazing cosplay no? And he’s so freaking hot too. [Source | Via Kotaku]

Lamborghini Batman is Pulled Over in Maryland

There really should be more Superheroes in the real world, and it seems like this unnamed wealthy philanthropist agrees. He has taken it upon himself to give some sick kids in the hospital a very special visit. The man was first seen a few days ago, in full Batman regalia, pulled over by Montgomery County […]

Can We Get Some Hot Men in Cosplay?

So…we’ve got loads of guys reading this blog right? At least some of them have got to be hot right? And at least some of those hot guys have got to enjoy cosplay, RIGHT!? So why aren’t we getting loads of pictures of hot guys in cosplay being sent to us? (Hit the contact section […]

Reiko Holinger Cosplay [Pics]

Ani-Mia recently received her photos from Lasting Impression Art who did the photography and digital graphics for her photo shoot where she exhibits a red version of Reiko Holinger from Mobile Suit Gundam 0079. [Like Ani-Mia on Facebook]

The Renaissance Justice League [Pic]

Pretty funny cosplay-fanfiction-sort-of-thing. I really like the Batman. And it’s really funny how the Flash is the only guy smiling! [Via The Gay Comic Geek]

My Day As a Cosplay Model Part 2

I pull in to a series of warehouses on the south side of town. Along one side are several bays offering auto body repair and on the other side are nondescript, two-story buildings with little detail as to what they hold inside. We arrive at our destination – one of those unknown cement blocks. I […]