Tron Legacy Latex Lady [Pic]

Model: Tigersgirl Editor: TyrApollo Photographer: Ulf-Z [Source: Tigersgirl @ | Via OW]

San Diego Comic Con 2012 in Pictures – Day 1 [Gallery]

Last year, we scoured flickr to search for creative commons pictures of, as our own Meredith would put it, the Geek Mecca of all geek conventions: San Diego Comic Con. But this year, two amazing photographers have volonteered themselves to hunt the floor of the convention for us: Bill Watters (Bill hasn’t sent us anything […]

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Preview Night

Nerdvana. Geek Mecca. The Place of Hopes and Dreams. San Diego Comic Con. The ultimate pilgrimage for geeks world-wide kicked off last night with a the annual Preview Night, attended by professionals and a few thousand lucky general pass holders. It’s the night where you can get the jump on all the wicked exclusives put […]

London Film & Comic Con – I Just Want To Be a Superhero [Cosplay + Music Video]

My pal Nick from SneakyZebra was at the London Film & Comic con last weekend and shot some pretty amazing footage of the event, which he then used to create a musical cosplay compilation video. Check it out! [Sneaky Zebra]

Massively Sexy Black Widow Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

Black Widow as cosplayed by Italian Cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini. Photo by Daniele Faccioli. [Source: Giorgiacosplay @]

A Guide to San Diego Comic Con 2012 [PSA]

Warning: Video contains strong language. You heard it geeks, comfort is key at Comic Con. Thanks to our pal at Aggressive Comix for this rather informative and funny PSA. [Aggressive Comix]

Fun with Cosplay: the Star-Spangled Edition

Happy Fourth of July, you sexy American Geeks–and happy Wednesday to the rest of our readers. :) What better day to show off some sexy great American heroes (and heroines)┬áthan this one? I’m not going to lie: finding pictures of guys for this took FOREVER, and we’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for […]

Zero Suit Samus Jedified [Pics]

[Photography by: Darkain Multimedia | Via FG]