Cosplay Coupling [Video]

This week Chloe Dykstra and Linda from the Nerdist Youtube channel tackle the really important part of cosplay… hook-ups and dating! [Nerdist]

Ohhhhh My: Moonstone as Ms Marvel [Pictures]

A villain cosplaying as a hero! Cosplayception! I’ve also added another picture of Crystal Graziano cosplaying as Ivy from Soul Caliber V by the same photographer (Martin Wong.) [Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano | Photography: Martin Wong]

Fantastic Siren Cosplay (Borderlands) [Picture]

[Source: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography | Cosplayer: Windofthestars | Via Cosplay Blog]

For Justice: Amazing Powergirl Cosplay [Pictures]

[Source: Ardella Cosplay (Like her on Facebook!) | Photos by KrisEz (Posted with permission)]

Hey Listen: Amazing Navi (Legend of Zelda) Cosplay [Pics]

[Source: Imgur | Via Reddit | Geekologie]

GlaDOS from Portal 2: I Won’t Kill You! [Pics]

Testing photosets. I hope GlaDOS will approve my tests and finally let me out. =0 GlaDOS cosplay by Tenori-Tiger. [Tenori-Tiger @ | Via Cosplay Blog]

Epic Fanime 2012 Fan Videos

Youtuber Acksonl was at Fanime 2012 last week and shot some pretty sweet videos showcasing some of the best costumes at the con. Check it out! [Acksonl]

LOL: Sailor Hill Cosplay [Picture]

[Source: DT JAAAAM | Via]