Video Game-Inspired Outfits – with a Female Twist [Pics]

Amanda Hemmons – a.k.a. “Robinade” – drew up these ideas for current fashions modeled after popular video game characters. Her sketches actually came to life last weekend at Geek Girl Con! View the original sketches, courtesy of Big Fish Games! [Via The Mary Sue]

New Assassin’s Creed Promo or Just Cool Cosplay Photography?

This epic photo was taken by photographer Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios. Could totally pass as promo art for Assassin’s Creed Revelation. Also, you’d never guess it, but the mastermind behind this costume (and modeling it) is Atlanta-based prop and costume maker Fev! And yes folks, that’s a she!

Phenomenal Batgirl Cosplay [Picture Gallery]

This amazing set of pictures featuring Alexia Jean Grey in one of the best Batgirl costumes we’ve seen was taken by Adam Jay from Superhero Photography. Model: Alexia Jean Grey Photographer: Adam Jay (SuperHero Photography)

Amazing Huntress Cosplay [Pic]

Model: Windofthestars Picture by Mike Rollerson [Via FG]

Awesome Black Widow Cosplay [Pic]

Here’s a great set of pictures from photograhers Bobby Monnerat and David Thorpe featuring the lovely Callie, whom you can follow on Facebook right here. Model: Callie from Callie Cosplay (Facebook) Photographer #1: Bobby Monnerat (Facebook) Photographer #2: David Thorpe (Facebook) [Via GeekXgirls]

Banned From Facebook: Adam Jay’s Tantilizing Venom Photos

When Superhero Photographer Adam Jay posted his photo set of a woman breaking out of a liquid latex Venom suit, it went viral. With nearly a thousand shares around facebook, the photos were going to get a lot of attention, but no one expected it to be the negative kind. Whenever one of the photos […]

Otakon 2012 Cosplay in Pictures

In the past week, a few readers asked me why there was no pictures from Otakon 2012 yet on [GAS], so here’s my answer to these request: A picture gallery featuring creative commons-licensed pictures just for you guys. Thanks to Anna Fischer, ni7enichi, foto.fong, Rene Hwang, _Chag, and heathbar for these great shots! [Sources: Anna […]