Cosplay is Not Consent: Inappropriate Photos and Photography Sniping [Video]

After publishing their first video on “cosplay is not consent” and “Inappropriate touching,” the team at Two Geek Guys are back with a pair of new videos covering innapropriate photos (above) and photography sniping (below) in pop culture conventions. Check ’em out! [Two Geeky Guys] Advertisements


Overwatch Fans Transform Into Their Favorite Character [Video]

Watch as some Overwatch fans get transformed into their favorite characters for a photoshoot in this video from Buzzfeed Blue. [BuzzFeedBlue]

DIY PROP SHOP: Crafting Props from Various Legend of Zelda Games [Videos]

Watch as cosplayer Hendo takes you through the steps to build some your very own props from the Legend of Zelda games! [AWE Me]

The Costume Making Guide: Creating Armor and Props for Cosplay

The Costume Making Guide is a book featuring comprehensive tutorials on how to make your own costumes at home. Whether or not you recognize the name Svetlana Quindt, if you’re into cosplay, you’ve seen her work as Kamui Cosplay. She’s really incredibly talented, especially with replicating tricky armor and low-tech weapons. And now she’s put […]

How Weta Workshop Made Ghost In The Shell’s Thermoptic Suit!

From Tested: We go behind the scenes at Weta Workshop to learn how their costume fabricators made the unique silicone “Thermoptic” suit that Scarlett Johansson wears in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell. With Tested contributor Danica wearing the costume, Adam Savage chats with costume technician Flo Foxworthy about the design and challenge of making […]

Cosplayers Go Skiing

I’ve never had reason to imagine a Venn diagram of cosplay, Japan and winter sports, but this crew would be right in the middle of it. Twitter user  Susutakayama has shared this clip of a group dressed as Gundam robots engaging in skiing and snowboarding… and why not? [Via: Laughing Squid]

Arthas Cosplay [Pics]

This amazing costume of Arthas from World of Warcraft is the work of DeviantArt user Priscilla’s Creations and is modeled by her 12-year-old son. Check out her section on the site for more of her work.

I Heartichoke You: A Bob’s Burgers Cosplay Photoshoot Featuring Liz Katz and Sam Macaroni

Valentine’s day might be over for this year, but a few weeks ago, my friend Liz Katz and her boyfriend Sam Macaroni decided to celebrate the holiday by having a photoshoot featuring two fictional characters that portray what true love really is all about: Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Here’s what Liz had […]