Can You Play Guitar? [Comic]

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Why Earth Appears Round from Space According to Flat Earthers [Comic]

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Pretty Annoying [Comic]

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Squeak Squeak [Comic]

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Maintenance: A True Story [Comic]

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do this, and not only in IT. I’ve also seen car repair shops do the exact same thing where a mechanics can take 30 minutes to fix something, but since the shop established that repairing a certain problem takes over an hour, they charge the full amount anyways. [Source: CommitStrip […]

The Real Reason I Haven’t Switched to eBooks [Comic]

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For Premium Users Only [Comic]

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The Most Twisted Game of All [Comic]

Catan in a nutshell. [Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Did You Know: Half-Life Saves Lives! [Comic]

Comic based on Esther Verkest’s Help Sign. [Via houston_wehaveaprblm on Reddit]

Fossil Fueled Legacy [Comic]

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The Only Explanation [Comic]

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Which Object Fits This Hole? [Comic]

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