The Seasons: At School vs. At Work [Comic]

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A Message to all you Graduates Out There [Comic]

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Bacon Hero [Comic]

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Your Opinion on the Internet: 2012 vs. 2017 [Comic]

A comic by the always insightful Shen from Owl Turd Comics. Edit: Artist removed the comic, so to pay respect to his decision, I removed it as well. [Source: Owl Turd Comics | Like “Owl Turd Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Owl Turd Comics” on Twitter]

Cats in a Nutshell [Comic]

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Fit to Ship [Comic]

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Graphic Novels [Comic]

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Cats are Adorable Little Murder Monsters [Comic]

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The Future Looks Bright! [Comic]

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Always Tired [Comic]

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Types of Fans #1 [Comic]

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Crimestopper [Comic]

Murdered to death? Is there another kind of murder where you can get murdered to another state than death? Murdered to life, maybe? And also, filming something via a smartphone should never be done vertically. Videos should always be filmed sideways. Thank you to technically correct man for letting us know about this grave injustice! […]