Work vs Hobbies [Comic]

A comic by artist J. L. Westover from Mr. Lovenstein comics. [Source: Mr. Lovenstein Comics | Like Mr. Lovenstein on Facebook | Follow “Mr. Lovenstein” on Twitter]

When it Gets Boring [Comic]

[Source: Sarah’s Scribbles | Like “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Facebook | Follow “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Twitter]

I’m So Tired [Comic]

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Living With Anxiety [Comic]


Meanwhile on Mars: Cassini? [Comic]

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Spoilerzilla [Comic]

[Source: Sephko Comics on Tumblr | Like “Sephko Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Sephko Comics” on Twitter]

Teenage Science [Comic]

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Elon Musk’s Day vs. My Day [Comic]

A comic by picture book writer & illustrator Ryan Maloney. You can check out more of Ryan’s awesome art at the links below, and if you like what he does, purchase his picture books right here. [Source: Ryan Maloney | Follow Ryan Maloney on Twitter | Follow Ryan Maloney on Instagram]

Patch Tuesday on Windows PCs [Comic]

Don’t you just hate it when patches break your OS and turns your PC into a paperweight? Sure, restore points are there to help, but unfortunately, they don’t always work as they should. [Source: Don’t Hit Save | Like “Don’t Hit Save” on Facebook | Follow “Don’t Hit Save” on Twitter]

The Death of Cassini [Comic]

For those who did not know, next Saturday, Cassini will dive into Saturn’s atmosphere and put an end to its 20 year mission. As it enters the planet’s atmosphere, the spacecraft will continue sending information back before finally burning up like a shooting star. Farewell Cassini, you’ve served us well! [Source: The Quark Side on […]

It’s a Match! [Comic]

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