Dorkly Comic: Pokemon Childhood Vs. Real-Life Childhood

In this comic by George Rottkamp and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly, the duo takes a look at some of the differences between what childhood is like in Pokémon games vs. the childhood of most people in the real world. [Source: Dorkly]

IT Jobs Explained With A Broken Lightbulb [Comic]

Do you know what the differences between a front-end and backend developers are? And what about those project managers or IT support specialists? Do you know what they really do? This fantastic comic by Mart Virkus from toggl explains all of these quite well by illustrating each job through the rather mundane job of changing […]

The Comfort Zone [Comic]

[Source: Justin Boyd – Invisible Bread | Like “Invisible Bread” on Facebook | Follow “Invisible Bread” on Twitter | Via Neatorama]

Cat Videos [Comic]

Too bad I don’t have a cat… but at least, I can instantly vaporize boiling water when it’s really cold outside to get people’s attention! [Source: AmazingSuperPowers | Via Like AmazingSuperPowers on Facebook]

What Happens When You Die [Comic]

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But… Why? [Comic]

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Ultra-Violent Light [Comic]

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When You Explain Your Job to Grandparents [Comic]

Yep, that’s pretty much what used to happen when my grandparents were still alive. [Source: Pie Comic | Like “Pie Comic” on Facebook]

Mark as Unread [Comic]

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The Latest in Technology [Comic]

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Hoppy Christmas [Comic]

All rabbit are just like the Rabbit of Caerbannog deep down inside. [Source: Anything About Nothing Comics | Like “Anything About Nothing” on Facebook | Follow “Anything About Nothing” on Twitter]

Innovation [Comic]

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