Hardware and Tear [Comic]

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Forced [Comic]

It’s true, avocado latte are now a thing. [Source: Berds And Nerds | Like “Berds And Nerds” on Facebook | Follow “Berds And Nerds” on Twitter]

Oh God, Please, Call 911 [Comic]

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Are We Alone in the Universe? [Comic]

Comic by @Avengergram made with Hot Toys 1:6 Scale figures. [Source: @SoyCaboReyes on Facebook | @Avengergram on Facebook | @Avengergram on Instagram]

Scars [Comic]

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Dorkly Comic: When They Make a Show Based off of Your Favorite Thing

In this Dorkly comic, artist Julia Lepetit takes a look at some of the complex emotions we go through when someone makes a show based on some of our favorite books/film series/games. [Source: Dorkly]

10 Different Gameplay Experiences Explained Using the Combat Mechanics [Comic]

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Shoot For the Moon: The Alternate Story [Comic]

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Be Careful What You Wish For [Comic]

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Toy Story 19 [Comic]

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Choose Your Fighter: The Galactic Empire Edition [Comic]

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