Why Superman Wears a Cape [Comic]

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Science Funding Explained [Comic]

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FACES WHO TUBE: An Interview with Artist, Writer, and Professional Nerd James Farr

In a galaxy Farr Farr away, right where Gary Busey grew up, lives a talented thirty-something artist who’s “obsessed with Pac-Man”, who “watches videos of cats fighting with lightsabers”, and who made a cameo in the first Transformers movie. His name is James Farr, and this massive dork (according to his wife and son) calls […]

What to Talk About [Comic]

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It’s Caturday: Here’s the Reports You Asked For, Sir [Comic]

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No Signal [Comic]

Replace that desert island with a camping site, and that pretty much looks like me last summer. [Source: Loading Artist]


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The Coffee Cycle [Comic]

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