Job Hunting [Comic]

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Alien: Covenant [Comic]

#alien #covenant #paulxwalsh #comic Une publication partagée par paul walsh (@paulxwalsh) le 1 Août 2017 à 15h09 PDT [Source: Paul Walsh on Instagram]

The Attention Double Standard [Comic]

Well well well, I seem to recall something similar to this happening to me quite a few times in the past…what about you geeks? [Source: DoghouseDiaries | Via CB]

The Origin of The Legend of Zelda’s Health Potions [Comic]

Yep, that makes sense. [Source: The GaMERCaT]

The Internet: A List of Pros and Cons [Comic]

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Modern Freaks [Comic]

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In the Town of Redundantown

A comic by John Atkinson from Wrong Hands that take a look at various sequences of words we use that are completely redundant, like when people say “I have to go to the ATM machine.” [Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands]

Let It Go [Comic]

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Apocalypse Soon [Comic]

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Meanwhile on Mars: Happy 5th Birthday Curiosity! [Comic]

Did you know? NASA’s Mars rover, curiosity, turned 5 this week! [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]

Unfinished Business [Comic]

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The Cosplay of Montreal’s Otakuthon 2017 [Picture Gallery]

Sure, most of you know about Montreal Comiccon since I’ve been covering the event since 2011, but Quebec’s biggest city also has a second event that celebrates cosplay and pop culture in general: Otakuthon. The convention, which focuses on anime and manga, has been in existence since 2006. Unfortunately, I could not attend the event […]