Dorkly Comic – Apple: Then VS Now

In this comic, Artist Jhall and Jake Young from Dorkly take a look at some of the differences between how Apple products were a few years ago versus how they are now. Things have mostly taken a turn for the worst. Music: Then vs. Now Convenience: Then vs. Now New Features: Then vs. Now New […]

A Better World for my Child [Comic]

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Don’t Forget! [Comic]

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You Have 6 Months to Live [Comic]

The second season of Stranger Things will likely air during Summer 2017 based on the time season 1 was released, but nothing has been confirmed so far. In a recent interview (early November) with Collider, director Shawn Levy declaired: “You can do a little bit of math, we’re not magicians so there’s no way it […]

PC Gaming [Comic]

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The Worst Ducking Day [Comic]

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Your Brain is a Jerk at Night [Comic]

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A Whole Word of Imagination [Comic]

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d take a traditional book over one that has been downloaded on an e-reader any day of the week! For me, the feeling of the pages between my fingers and the smell of the book is just as important for the reading experiece as the story itself. I […]

Life Can Adapt to the Harshest Environment [Comic]

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Danksgiving [Comic]

Now that’s really sad. Would a video game studio go as far as create a game like this? I certainly hope not. And if someone ever creates one, I hope no one will ever buy something like this. If you’re alone, just use the occasion to eat something special and go out to see a […]

How Superman Shaves [Comic]

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Dorkly Comic: The Progression of Every Gamer Relationship

In this comic, Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly take a look at the progression of most, if not all gamer relationships. [Source: Dorkly]