[GAS] is Looking for a Few Good Contributors

[Geeks Are Sexy] is currently looking for passionate IT people who are up to the challenge of blogging around five times per week about technology and other IT related topics. Here are some reasons you should consider writing for us: Exposure Write about your passion Improve your writing skills Be part of a community Get […]

Rewarding Top [GAS] Commentators

I’ve been thinking of implementing a way to reward people who comment on [GAS] for a while now, and I just found out how I would do it. If you look in the sidebar, there’s a new section named “Top Commentators”. From now on, the top six readers who comment the most will have their […]

O’Reilly trademarks “Ethics 2.0”

Tim O’Reilly issued a Draft Blogger’s Code of Conduct yesterday, in response to the blogging ethics questions raised by death threats and other nastiness in comments at Kathy Sierra’s blog. Excerpts: We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog. We won’t say anything online that we wouldn’t […]

Technorati tracks "the Live Web"

Today David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, published his quarterly report on the State of the Blogosphere, but expanded it to include a discussion on trends in tagging. Dave calls the combination of blogging and tagging “the Live Web” (taken from Doc Searls), and does his best to paint Technorati’s place right at the […]

404 Day (and they say you can’t make something out of nothing)

Happy 404 day! What, you didn’t know today was a holiday? Whether you write dates in mm/dd or dd/mm order, as long as you’re on the Gregorian calendar today’s date is 4/04 — and any savvy consumer of HTTP knows that 404 means “page not found”, a status code encountered far too often in the […]

Make money from Adsense without turning off your readers

What blogger wouldn’t like to make some money from their blog? But if you paste a bunch of ads all over your site, your regular readers might get sick of your blatant commercialism. How do you get the best of both worlds? Kiltak recently shared a secret with me on this topic — and since […]

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins

Loyal reader Richard sentĀ us an email yesterday asking about what WordPress plugins we were using on [GAS], so I decided to write a post compiling my 10 favorite ones to answer his question. LikeĀ most WordPress plugins, the ones we’re using are all free and easy to install. –Adsense-Deluxe Allows you to quickly place Google AdSense […]

PayPerPost Controversy Renewed

By Al Rozon Contributing Writer, [GAS] PayPerPost has been the center of controversy ever since its inception. The controversy here is this: Is it ethical for PayPerPost to pay bloggers for posting reviews on products, movies or anything else that “advertisers” want them to post about, without having to adhere to rules of disclosure? The […]