Meet the Newest GAS Contributing Writer: Shea Gunther

Howdy Sexy Geeks. I’m Shea Gunther, the newest Contributing Writer to this here fine blog. I’ve been a reader and big fan of GAS for the past year+ and I was really excited when Kiltak sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in being a GAS writer. I had discovered a post in […]

10 Reasons Why Geeks Should Blog

By Chris Garrett Guest Blogger For as long as I can remember, I have been called a geek. It took a while, but eventually I began to see it as a compliment and I realized what an advantage geeks have over the rest of humanity. More and more, the world is becoming technical. The people […]

Is the Web 2.0 Bubble about to burst?

There’s clearly something wrong going on when Web 2.0 companies such as Facebook get an estimated value of $15 billion, especially when they haven’t yet reported a penny of profit. Is the Web 2.0 bubble about to burst? Here’s an interesting video taking a look at the situation.

Technology in the middle of the world

By Marco Jardim Contributing Writer, [GAS] As my first article here in GAS, I thought would be a good idea to pinpoint the differences between blogging in “technologically-updated” places of the world and one that is several months behind all others. If there are any Australians reading this article, they will probably relate to parts […]

Seesmic: A video Twitter on steroids

Even if I am a French Canadian guy, I rarely browse the French blogosphere. There’s something about “la langue de molière” that is so anti-tech that the hairs on my arms stand up whenever I hear some of the bogus expressions French people come up with to designate technical concepts. However, there is one exception […]

Girls gone wild…er, geek!

Actually, these girls do go wild, but not in ways some of you would expect. Now please, have a little respect gentlemen. I’m not usually a fan of podcasts, except maybe for what Mark at 45n5 and David at xfep do. Until now, these 2 shows were pretty much the only ones I was listening […]

Can guest blogging be good for you and your site?

That’s the question I answered in a guest post over at after my newfound buddy David wrote a guest article for us two days ago. For those of you interested in learning more about why guest blogging could be profitable for you and your site, just follow this link and read what I have […]

The [GAS] ultimate “How To” contest – More than $1300 in prizes!

Yes folks, Geeks Are Sexy Technology News is quickly approaching its two-year anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, and to kick off what is sure to be a great third year in existence, I thought a contest was in order. Now, if you’re assuming that this is another mundane blog contest, think again. This is no […]