New Apple ad claims that iPhone is the ultimate remote blogging tool

According to Apple’s newest iPhone ad, the iPhone “makes remote blogging easier and faster”. Do you agree? Edit: Long time reader Ed answered our question via a post on his blog. I invite you all to check it out and leave a comment if you agree with him or not.

10 Reasons Why Bloggers Hate Blogging

So you’ve been blogging for a while but you’re starting to hate it? You thought you could make easy money and order a brand new 24″ iMac to replace your old Windows box in less than a month or two? Don’t wait for the south pole to melt, drop it, there are better things to […]

Time to Upgrade Your WordPress Blogs

Yesterday, WordPress released a new version of their popular blogging software in response to a security issue. Apparently, there is a concern about the parsing of the xml remote procedure call. It seems specially crafted requests could allow anonymous, unauthenticated users to edit posts or even potentially defaceĀ a blog. The bad guys would likely use […]

How to resize any online comments box

By Mark O’Neill During one of my many stumbling expeditions, I came across a cool Firefox extension which allows you to resize most text boxes on a webpage. This is useful if you’re in the habit of commenting on a lot of blogs and the blog owner gives you an area the size of a […]

Holy Jumping WordPress Themes Batman!

By Mark O’Neill After reading Kiltak’s recent post on backing up and restoring a WordPress blog, I thought I would chip in with a WordPress issue of my very own. For the past few days, my WordPress blog, which is hosted by Yahoo Webhosting, has been “playing silly buggers” (as we Brits like to say). […]

How to: Backup and Restore your WordPress Blog

In the past few weeks, I’ve tested a few disaster recovery procedures for [GAS], and I thought that sharing those with the blogosphere could be of value to a lot of bloggers out there. If you’re among those who’ve been religiously backing up their WordPress blog since day one, let me ask you a question: […]

Get Iowa caucus updates on Google Talk

By Mark O’Neill Unless you’ve been in deep hibernation for the past year, you’ll know that tonight is the Iowa caucuses which, as usual, is the first state to vote for the person who could potentially become the next President of the United States. Since my previous post concerned alternative uses for Google Talk, I […]

Using Google Talk to update your social networks

By Mark O’Neill I am a HUGE fan of Google Talk, so much so that I am trying to find more diverse ways of using it, apart from chatting to people and sending / receiving files. I never quite clicked (excuse the pun) with the Gmail version of Talk and so I am using the […]