Are video comments the next stage in blog evolution?

By Mark O’Neill I’ve been listening to the pros and cons recently about whether video comments should be inserted into blogs. I honestly can’t make my mind up whether or not it’s a good idea. Mashable and Techcrunch have both started doing it, but the general consensus across the web is that video comments are […]

RSS feeds are a writer’s best friend

By Mark O’Neill

That question has to rank as the most asked question of all time when people meet me (it’s right up there with “how have you grown so fast since we last met?!”). So after months of procrastination, I have decided to finally write down (well, type) my methods of finding stories. It’s really not that difficult if you set it up right and you know the right places to look. Anyone who says they can’t find ideas to write about are not looking in the right places. As my former journalism professor used to tell us relentlessly “if you need a story idea, open your eyes. Ideas are all around you”

So let me show you where I get my ideas.

April’s Sexiest Geeks: Brought to you by [GAS]

As promised, here is the first of many installments in our “sexiest geek of the month” series. Initially, I was only going to feature one online personality per post, but considering that about 25% of our readership is composed of the fairer sex, I decided that one geek of each sex should be represented. I […]

Organize your Twitter followers into “crowds”

By Mark O’Neill

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might from time to time find it difficult to keep track of who is following you. I personally only have a couple of hundred people following me and I don’t religiously follow everything that they all say (not that I’m rude, I just don’t have the time). But if you’re a really heavy user with a couple of thousand people following you, you might find it difficult sorting through everyone. You might also miss a good message or two. That’s where CrowdStatus comes in to mix things up and make things interesting.

Upgrade Flash Now: 90 Percent of Windows Hosts Vulnerable

If you’re a heavy Internet surfer and are using Windows, you are probably vulnerable to a bunch of vulnerabilities in Adobe’s Flash Player without knowing it. A new version of the popular software has been just released, fixing seven flaws said to allow remote executable code to be run on a Windows system. From Infoworld here: Adobe has upgraded its Flash Player to fix […]

When April Fool’s Jokes Infiltrate Wikipedia

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] A lot of people are saying that Wikipedia is loaded with errors, and for good reason. Wikipedia contributors aren’t forced to verify their sources before posting anything, but if they were, it would greatly improve the quality of the online encyclopedia. Here’s a very good example of such a […]

Save us from the freaky evil FriendFeed!

By Mark O’Neill

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother with all the technophobes of this world.

I’ve been working on the internet exclusively for the past two years now. This makes for some very interesting conversation at dinner parties when someone asks me what I “do”. I’m sure you’ve had the same problem explaining what you do for a job. You have the doctor explaining the latest rectal examination technique, the lawyer bragging about the latest billion dollar lawsuit they’ve just won, the businessman giving you the ups and downs of the NASDAQ…..then they turn to me and I start talking about the unfairness of the new Digg algorithim. Is it me or is everyone fidgeting? Why is that woman looking at her watch? Why is the lawyer holding the butter knife as if he wants to use it as a murder weapon?

Israeli security agency launches first ever live blog

By Mark O’Neill They’re feared all over the world and they are constantly over-shadowed by their more famous sister agency Mossad.   But the Israeli Internal Security Service Shin-Bet, the equivalent to the US’s FBI or Britain’s MI5 has become the first government security agency in the world to launch its own live blog written […]