2019 Illusion of the Year

The video above shows the top winner in the annual Illusion of the Year competition. It’s called the Dual Axis illusion by Frank Force. Is this shape spinning vertically or horizontally? You can’t tell, because it’s a 2D image, but your brain makes it seem one or the other, until visual cues help you change […]

Electric Eel Brightens Christmas

Every time an eel farts, a Christmas tree grows brighter. Well, not exactly. The sound is generated from the setup at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. Any time the aquarium’s Tweeting electric eel Miguel Wattson produces an electric current, the nearby Christmas tree gets a boost that brightens the Christmas lights. The aquarium named the […]

True Facts: Stinkhorns

Ze Frank’s True Facts series normally focuses on animals, but this time he takes a left turn to a fungus, specifically the stinkhorn mushroom. Why? Because footage of stinkhorns and mushrooms in general give him the opportunity for unlimited double entendres and horrifying grossness at the same time. While this video is technically safe for […]