From Moonshine to Neon Sips: Unveiling The Bright Green History of Mountain Dew

Did you know that “Mountain Dew” didn’t always refer to a refreshing citrus-flavored soft drink? Once upon a time, “Mountain Dew” was synonymous with illegally distilled liquor, or moonshine. However, today, the phrase conjures images of the popular line of sweet, caffeinated sodas crafted and distributed by PepsiCo – and yes, it’s all very much legal now!

In this video from the Weird History Food channel, discover the tale of two Tennessee bottlers who sought the perfect mixer and ended up creating the beloved Mountain Dew. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s most cherished sodas, this citrus-flavored concoction has a history as vibrant as its neon-green hue.

[Weird History Food]

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