Werewolf Whodunit: Can you solve the secret werewolf riddle?

Imagine you’re in a town haunted by a mysterious werewolf, and you’ve spent months narrowing down your list of suspects to just five individuals. The solution to this chilling mystery hinges on a single square of a rare antidote, and you’ve invited all five suspects to a dinner gathering. Your plan? Sneakily slip a portion of the antidote into each of their dinners to unmask the creature.

However, there’s a catch: you have only one square of the antidote left, and you must divide it into perfect fifths to ensure each suspect receives a sufficient dose.

The question is, can you accomplish this seemingly impossible task and cure the town of its monstrous menace? Dan Finkel unveils the solution to this enigmatic riddle, offering a brilliant way to divide the antidote. Tune in to discover the secrets behind this tantalizing conundrum and unravel the mystery that has plagued your town.

[TED Ed]

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