Amazing Terminator 2 T-1000 1:1 Scale Painted Bust

This amazing T-1000 1:1 scale painted bust of the t-1000 from Terminator 2 by the artists over at PureArts is nothing short of stunning! I wish this one could have been available when I met Robert Patrick last year at Montreal Comiccon! He was the nicest guy, and having him sign the statue would have been a big thing for me with T2 being one of my favorite film of the early 90s.

“Not like me. A T-1000, advanced prototype. A mimetic poly-alloy. Liquid metal.” Featuring a liquid molecular brain, the ability to shape-change and mimic objects and beings of similar size, Skynet’s T-1000 is the ultimate killing machine. Portrayed by the iconic Robert Patrick, PureArts brings the T-1000 to life in 1:1 scale Art Mask series! Just before the T-1000’s shape change completes, the reflective liquid metal surface is visible, leaving you mere seconds to flee or die. The base can be desk or wall mounted. The statue features an electro-plated chrome details, realistic acrylic eye, and is a limited edition of 1,991 pieces. The resin statue measures about 17-inches tall x 14-inches wide x 11-inches long.

[Pre-Order: Terminator 2 -T-1000 1:1 Scale Painted Resin Art Mask (Available June 2023)]

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