Dear Geeks are Sexy Readers: A Personal Call for Help to End 2022

Geeks are Sexy turned 17 last month. Unbelievable, right? While running a blog like this one full time and almost all alone for over 10 years is quite an accomplishment, things are getting increasingly difficult online for small business owners like me. Things have changed a lot on the web in the past few years. Most small to medium-sized blogs have died or have been swallowed by large media corporations, and ad blockers are making my job all the more difficult. Social Media platforms are throttling us too.

We’re not only talking about the blog here. There is so much work involved in running this place, including all its social media channels, and a lot more!

Last year, you guys helped me pay for my server for an entire year, and once again, I’m asking for your help for the coming year. I also need to change my laptop since it’s barely hanging by a thread right now. I fixed the thing with Gorilla tape and contact glue, but it’s falling apart. Not joking:

Also, for those who helped while I was recuperating from Acalasia surgery, thank you! Even though it’s a chronic neurodegenerative disease, it’s stable right now and I hope it’ll stay that way for many years to come.

If you enjoy Geeks are Sexy, please consider donating a small (or large) amount to help me keep on going. Here are two options:

Contribute monthly to our Patreon
Make a donation via Paypal (Via a Paypal account or a credit card)

Whatever you do, thank you for being there. I am eternally grateful to you guys for the support you’ve been giving me for the past 17 years. Thank you.