Life is Just Like a Video Game

A funny thread about how life is just like a video game (from 18 to 35). Keep on reading below for 35+.

And what about after 35? A few answer from various Facebook users:

After 35 is when you discover this game has permanent health and stat loss enabled, especially for physical stats like str and dex. The good news though alot of folks realize they can reassign stat points to int and wis at this point too.

After 35 is when you collect every item in the game because you might need it later. Things like a plastic bag full of plastic bags and charging cables that you don’t remember what device they go to are essential at this stage of life.

After 35, you’ll have developed a reputation as “That Crazy Person Who’s Always Screaming and Swinging Swords” and most of the enemies just go around you.

36-45 is silently watching the noobs make the same mistakes, but benefitting from their errors. 45+ is when you remember your morals and start yelling at the noobs that they’re doing it wrong only to be frustrated because they ignore you and all the rules have been patched out anyway so none of your advice applies to the new meta.

64+ you get to restat to a new class, but some specializations and sub classes are accessible only if you’ve unlocked certain achievements. I’m hoping to go down the “eccentric grandfather” skill tree myself.

Also, nearly everyone will have permanent stat drain on INT and CON every year starting at 50. You’ll have to keep retraining and sinking more resources into them for upkeep.

The modding community keeps looking for ways to delay when stat drains come into effect, but nothing major has helped since soap and vaccines got permanently added in version 17.55 and new game breaking features get added by the creator every few years anyway so it’s impossible to keep up.

[Via MyDND]