Tom Holland as Link… in A Legend of Zelda Movie Where He Reveals He’s Gay (As Written by an AI)

Digital artist Dan Leveille used the Midjourney AI to create various versions of Link as if Tom Holland would play the character. Then, he pushed things further and asked the GPT-3 playground AI to write a film script where Link would unveil he’s gay. As you’ll see below, the result is absolutely perfect and hilarious.

Here’s the full script:


Link is on his knees, defeated. Ganondorf looms over him, ready to deliver the final blow.

GANONDORF: Finally, the Triforce is mine!

LINK (weakly): No… Zelda…

Ganondorf laughs and prepares to strike Link down. Suddenly, Link’s eyes snap open and he jumps to his feet.

LINK (to Ganondorf): You’ll never defeat me! I’ll always find a way to stop you!

Ganondorf is taken aback by Link’s sudden resurgence.

GANONDORF: What…? How…?

LINK (Smirking): You forgot one thing, Ganondorf. I’m not just the Hero of Time… I’m also the Hero of Gayness!

Ganondorf’s eyes widen in realization and fear.

GANONDORF: N-no! It can’t be!

LINK: That’s right! I’m gay, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

With a newfound strength, Link battles Ganondorf and defeats him once and for all. As Ganondorf lies dying, Link leans down to him.

LINK (coldly): Remember this, Ganondorf. You may have the Triforce of Power… but I have the Triforce of Gayness. And that’s the strongest force in the world.

Ganondorf gives one final gasp and dies. Link stands over his body, victorious.

Fade to black.


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