FIFA 23 Proves Unexpected Bargain

EA is honoring a pricing error that meant players in India could buy FIFA 23 for the equivalent of six cents. The mistake had even been taken advantage of by some customers outside the country.

Exactly how the pricing error occurred is a mystery, though the mathematical mechanics behind it is clear. The error was with the Ultimate Edition, which allows three days early access and points for using towards the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

The correct price in India is 4,800 rupees, but it was listed at 4.8 rupees for around 40 minutes. Not only were customers able to check out at this price, but word quickly spread to people in other countries who found they could get the price by changing their location settings.

Given it’s a digital product with nothing physically dispatched, you might have expected EA to simply cancel the orders and refund the rupees, safe in the knowledge that even if some customers wanted to turn it into a legal dispute, it probably wouldn’t be worth their while financially.

However, it appears the “loss” is small enough that EA has decided to let it slide and keep goodwill. Sportskeeda shared an email from EA saying “A few weeks back, we scored a pretty spectacular own-goal when we inadvertently offered FIFA 23 pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store at an incorrect price. It was our mistake, and we wanted to let you know that we’ll be honoring all pre-purchases made at that price.”