This Spider-Man Web Chompin’ Spider-Rex Action Figure Goes RAWRRR!

Yes, it exists: a 16-inch Spider-Rex figure that can RAWRRR into action and features ten action sound effects you can activate by pushing buttons on the figure’s back! Now how awesome is that? You know you want one!

Spider-Rex stomps the bad guys into extinction! Kids can RAWRRR into action as they pretend to protect the city and scare away enemies as Web Chompin’ Spider-Rex. Ready Spider-Rex for battle with posable limbs and a classic Spider-Man inspired design. Kids can imagine fighting crime by activating Spider-Rex’s dino blast action feature to knock down the bad guys. The possibilities for play with this Spider-Man dinosaur toy are endless! Kids ages 4 and up can create their own exciting and interactive play scene with other Marvel Spider-Man toys and action figures! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) These Marvel super hero toys for boys and girls make great gifts for kids!

[Marvel Spider-Man Web Chompin’ Spider-Rex 16-Inch Action Figure]