Power Tool Battery Becomes Powerbank

A $100 adapter turns a DeWalt power tool battery into a powerbank for charging most devices. An early review suggests it works well, though is clearly a very niche use scenario.

The USB-C adapter clips on to any 20V power tool battery and then offers two-way charging at 100w: in other words, you can plug a device in to the battery to charge or plug the battery into an outlet with a USB power cable. The device also has passthrough charging. The concept makes sense, though it’s really limited to a specific scenario: you already have a DeWalt battery available and you’re looking for an extremely high capacity portable powerbank.

The Verge’s Sean Hollister has tested it extensively and says it works as advertised, with the 15Ah DeWalt able to charge a MacBook Pro three times and still have spare capacity. He also noted it worked with some off-brand batteries that advertise DeWalt compatibility.

However, he did find the 15Ah battery was the only capacity where the benefits outweighed both the financial cost and the added weight compared to a traditional powerbank.

DeWalt says it will study interest in the adapter and decide whether to build a USB port directly into its batteries in future.

Editor’s note: You can get a 30,000 mAh battery for about $30 to $50 on Amazon nowadays, so I’m not sure why someone would pay $100 for an adapter that goes on separate battery.

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