10 Nerdtastic Mugs for Computer Geeks

We all know it: most computer nerds fuel themselves with caffeine. Heck, I should know, I am one. As an ex sysadmin who used to dabble in code professionally and still does it on occasions, I made this compilation of 10 funny mugs that should bring a smile on your face if you work in IT or are familiar with technology in general. There are also a lot more where these came from (and they’re all currently on sale for just $11,) so be sure to check ’em all out!

Tech Support Mug

I’m a Developer, not a Wizard

8-bit Open Source “Sourcerer” Programming Mug

6 Stages of Debugging

Programmer Weapons Mug

Clouds Mostly Made Of Linux Servers Mug

99 Bugs In The Code – Engineer Coder Mug

It works on my machine Mug

Software Development Process

Linux Cleaner Mug

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