Meta Planned Twin-Camera Smartwatch

Meta has dropped plans to build its own smartwatch. It would have included two cameras, including the first “wrist-facing” one.

According to Bloomberg, the “main” camera would actually have been the lower resolution one at 5 megapixels. It would have been part of the main screen and appears to have been designed for video calls and selfies.

The other camera would have been 12 megapixels and would have been on the back of the watch face, spending most of its days pressed up against the wrist. It wasn’t designed for a particularly obscure fetish or for any medical purposes but rather for users to remove the watch and hold it up to take photos.

The idea was that the watch could completely replace a phone as it would include Wi-Fi and cellular connections. As you might expect, it would run on a Meta-exclusive platform and include options to sync fitness data to Facebook and Instagram for real-time humblebrags.

It looks like Meta has dumped this particular model rather than give up on wristwear altogether. The wrist-facing camera was interfering with what Android Police called “the device’s electromyography capabilities [which] would utilize nerve signals from the wrist to control other gadgets.”

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