This “Homer Fading into the Bush” Sponge Holder is Perfection

Etsy seller and 3D printing enthusiast Geek3DbySean recently created what is possibly the greatest kitchen sponge holder of all time. Behold the perfection that is this “Homer Fading into the Bush” sponge holder (US Link | UK link), inspired by the scene in “Homer Loves Flanders” (1994, S#5 E#16.)

This is a 3D printed sponge holder. It has a black raised drain to properly drain the sponge water back into your sink. It can be made with a claw like clasp to hold a suction cup or with no clasp. It was made using PLA plastic which is a non-toxic plastic.

Homer Sponge Holder (US and Canada)
Homer Sponge Holder (UK)

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