Memory Card Could Run Non-Stop For 16 Years

Samsung claims its latest microSD cards can record continuously for up to 16 years without failing. The Pro Endurance range is designed for uses such as dashcams, security cameras and bodycams.

The 16-year figure is for a 256GB model and based on continuously recording full HD video at 26 Mbits per second. The range also includes 128GB, 64 and 32GB models with the estimated lifespan dropping proportionally, based on the simple logic of how often they’ll need to overwrite during continuous recording.

Samsung also promotes the card as working between -25 and 80 degrees Celsius and capable of surviving an X-ray and most magnetic forces short of an MRI.

Cynics have noted the warranties on the cards are much shorter than their advertised lifespans, and the fact it’s based on continuous use makes it impossible to test rather than estimate. However, there seems a good shot the cards will outlast whatever devices they are placed in.

Although the prices aren’t eyewatering (ranging from $11 to $55), it doesn’t seem the selling point is lower lifetime costs. Instead it’s about having more certainty the card won’t fail at an unfortunate time and miss a crucial piece of footage.