Abandoned Sexy Underwear Is Elden Ring Trap

Picking unattended underwear up off the ground doesn’t always work out well. It’s true in life and now it’s true in Elden Ring.

In one of the more bizarre game crackdowns, users who collect a piece of ladies underwear labelled “Deathbed Smalls” have found themselves threatened with a soft ban from the multiplayer game.

Polygon reports the clothing is not meant to be in the game, having apparently been cut from an original inventory. It’s worn by the character Fia, whose dress and robe are intended to be collectible items. As is seemingly inevitable in such cases, some players have gone into the code, “revived” said panties, and dropped them in the multiplayer world.

The developers aren’t happy with this as, for security and stability issues, the game is not meant to have any items “injected” by players. The game now messages any player who has picked up the underwear telling them to delete the item or be soft-banned. That means they can only play online multiplayer with other soft-banned players, which presumably means a scenario with a whole lot of virtual lingerie.

At least one player reports having to delete a game save file in order to remove the underwear (so to speak), creating an opportunity for pranksters to get people into trouble by leaving unattended underclothing in a conspicuous place in the hope they pick it up.

And that’s not a sentence I expected to write today.

(Screenshot via Twitter user @kunguman316)