Fortnite Raises $144 Million For Ukraine

Fortnite has generated $144 million to aid relief efforts in Ukraine. Both Epic and Microsoft donated all cash proceeds from the game over the past two weeks. The period was chosen to cover the launch of a new season of the game when revenues traditionally spike.

The fundraising effort involved Epic committing to donating all revenues from in-game purchases funded with real money, along with the value of any gift cards redeemed during the period. Purchases made with V-bucks didn’t count, but purchases of V-bucks themselves were included in the total. Microsoft also committed to donating its “net proceeds” for the game.

The money will go to several organizations including:

  • Direct Relief, which delivers medical aid.
  • UNHCR, the United Nation’s refugee agency
  • World Central Kitchen (which feeds civilians in combat zones)
  • The UN’s World Food Program

Epic says it has been transferring matching amounts “within days” of gamers making the relevant purchases, rather than waiting for the actual funds to be processed.

The Verge notes other gaming related fundraising efforts from Humble Bundle, and Riot Games have brought in more than $30 million.