Elden Ring Players Complete Opposing No Damage Runs

Two Elden Ring players have completed the game in particularly impressive fashion. One took no damage while the other didn’t directly inflict any.

A Twitch user with the screenname Seki went beyond a “simple” no-hit run by taking no environmental damage such as from falls or poisons. They noted this increased the challenge further as it removed approaches such as using the Red-Feathered Branchsword that increases damage to foes when the player suffers a drop in health.

Seki reports spending 130 hours of specific planning and practice for the run, which they completed in a little under three hours.

Meanwhile YouTuber Iron Pineapple took the opposite approach to no damage by completing the game without any attacks. This meant winning solely through a combination of summoned spirits and exploiting glitches so that foes literally fell away.

This was very much not a speed run and instead a real grind – both in terms of the time the game took and the number of switches of strategy after a failed approach.

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