Advance Your IT Career with This Comprehensive PenTest + Ethical Hacking Course Bundle

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a top industry to tap into these days. Companies of all sizes are continuously looking to hire skilled individuals who comprehend the essential elements of protecting their online business—including ethical hacking. Whether your goal is to complement your current profession or learn a new skill, this bundle will help you advance your career in IT.

Taught by industry experts from iCollege, a trusted tech e-learning course hub with plenty of seasoned cybersecurity talent, The Complete 2022 PenTest & Ethical Hacking Bundle brings over 250 lessons to kickstart your security expertise and benefit from ethical hacking.

Rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by current and former students, this comprehensive bundle equips you with a wide variety of engaging content that helps you prepare for expertise in ethical hacking, PenTesting, and Cyber Security. With lessons available for all skill levels, you’ll learn techniques and concepts that will help further your knowledge and career no matter where you are in your IT journey.

With unlimited access to six courses, you’ll be exposed to various topics such as implementing risk-mitigating controls, how to become a well-rounded ethical hacker or penetration tester, understanding current security protocols, validating post-attack techniques, and much more. You’ll dive deep into programs such as Kali Linux and complete hands-on mini-projects that allow you to practice what you learn at your own pace. With a CompTIA PenTest+ certification course, you’ll even put your learned skills to the test using a fictitious company and prepare for exploitation—ultimately performing a vulnerability scan and putting your knowledge into practice.

Regularly priced at $1,770, The Complete 2022 PenTest & Ethical Hacking Bundle can be yours at over 90% off for a limited time. That’s only $49! Start investing in new opportunities and learn cybersecurity essentials on your mobile device or desktop with these comprehensive masterclasses.