Never have I ever thought John Cena is a good actor

…and now I’m drunk!

After watching the complete first season of Peacemaker, not only am I a complete fan of Wigwam, but I am now a sucker for John Cena!

So riddle me this? Who is the best new non-hero of 2022? (Yes, I know it’s anti-hero but the Peacemaker is just a non-hero that is simply amazeballs!) Why it’s the Peacemaker, of course; willing to kill for peace!

Check out these amazingly funny hbomax excerpts from the first season of the show!

PS: Do you think Eagly could make a good class pet? (asking for a friend…)
PS2: Don’t worry, Paul Rudd is still #1 on my “list”… Sorry John.

Warning: Language!

@hbomax Me, an empath: sensing Peacemaker is upset. #Peacemaker ♬ original sound – hbomax

@hbomax Sick burn. #Peacemaker ♬ original sound – hbomax

@hbomax I’m sensing anger issues. #Peacemaker ♬ original sound – hbomax

@hbomax Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust to the face gotta sting. #Peacemaker ♬ original sound – hbomax

@hbomax Name a better best friend. #Peacemaker ♬ original sound – hbomax