Marvel Shows Leaving Netflix on March 1st

Want to re-watch those beloved Marvel/Netflix shows you love so much? Or maybe you’ve never seen them in the first place and want to give them a try? You have until March 1st to do so. This morning, I tried to watch the second season of Daredevil and got this message on top of the screen:

Yes, Netflix does not allow screenshots of their shows via a browser, but the message is still there: “This show is available until March 1st.” I’ve also tried with Luke Cage, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, and they all display the same message.

So if you’ve never gave Daredevil a try, I highly suggest you do so now. It is the best Marvel/Netflix show among those released by the association of the two media giants. Will they be available on Disney+ on March 1st? We do not know yet, so only time will tell.

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