Fraggle Rock Has a New Theme Song… and MEH #WeWantTheClapsBack

As you may or may not know, Apple TV+ is relauching Fraggle Rock, and while all of us who grew up on the show are really curious about it, we’re not so happy about the new theme song. Where the hell are the claps? Come on! The show is called Fraggle ROCK! And here we are treated to a Caillouesque pop song! We remember dancing to the tune each time the show started, clapping all the way to the living room to watch our favourite cave dwellers. Even the puppets look the same! So why mess up the theme song? So for those who haven’t heard it yet, here is it! We’ll also add the old one below so you can hear the disaster for yourself.

And here’s the old one:

We want the claps back!

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