Adorable Handmade Mandrake House Plants for Potterheads

Check out this absolutely adorable series of handmade Mandrakes house plants inspired by Harry Potter by artist and Etsy seller Black Owl Studio! Each mandrake is unique and made from resin, foam, plastic, and terracotta, and is the perfect gift for the Potterhead in your life!

“These Mandrakes are original creations inspired mainly by the Harry Potter saga, although they are found in many myths, legends and other Pop Culture works.

Cute and easy to care for, this little plant is the perfect gift for any fan of the Harry Potter universe, or simply for those who want to create a little corner of original greenery at home.

Wrapped up in its comfy clay pot garnished with sisal cover and Iceland moss, it happily stays there as long as nobody comes and wake it up. Please note that it is indeed a false plant which therefore does not require water, and which above all does not scream when it is uprooted!

We offer three different versions, with each its own expression:
– Sopita : he lazy mandrake which likes to sleep and which yawns very hard
– Primus : the relaxed mandrake, hanging on the edges of its pot
– Callidum : the malicious mandrake, which seems to be preparing a bad blow…”

[Mandrakes by Black Owl Studio]

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