Adorable Handmade Plush Toys from Pop Culture [Gallery]

Artist Laura Mola Pila inspires herself from pop culture to make adorable handmade plush toys. Not only is Laura a super talented toy maker with her own personal studio, she’s also a tattoo artist as well! Check out some our our favorite creations of hers in the gallery below!

My name is Laura. I have always been a very creative girl who loved to paint and make stuff. When I was studying Fine Arts I use to make handmade plush toys to give to my friends on their birthdays. My plushies were a hit and people started buying them. This is how MOLA PILA was born. In the area where I live MOLA PILA means “this is cool.” I chose that name because it was what people said when they saw my plushies.

For those interested, a lot of these are available for sale via her Etsy shop.

[Mola Pila on Etsy]

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