B-Horror Movie Comedy PUPPET KILLER Looks Hilariously Bad in Just The Right Way

Check out the hilariously bad trailer for the b-horror movie comedy “puppet killer” which features a pink fuzzy supernatural killer puppet named Simon. Yes, it’s just as bad and hilarious as you’d imagine.

For seven year old Jamie, watching horror movies with his loving parents and his fuzzy pink puppet, Simon, is a beloved Christmas tradition. Unfortunately, that all ends when his mother dies of cancer and his father marries a new woman who isn’t nearly as supportive of Jamie’s horror obsession, or his unhealthy friendship with Simon. After she mysteriously disappears from the family vacation home, Jamie starts to believe that Simon may have killed her. Ten years later, Jamie brings five of his high school friends to the family’s cabin for Christmas Break. All seems well until Simon is discovered in the cellar, resurrecting Jamie’s old fears, causing him and his friends to question his mental well being. As the weekend unfolds, Jamie’s friends are slaughtered one by one in ways that would make Freddy, Jason, and Michael proud. Jamie must confront his childhood best friend in a bloody showdown that will push him to the brink of madness… if he isn’t already there.

Available to watch on VOD on November 29th, 2021.